Join us Wagashi Workshop On May 15th

Join us Wagashi Workshop On May 15th

Wagashi is a traditional Japanese confectionery renowned for its exquisite appearance and unique flavors. These sweets are typically crafted using ingredients like red bean paste, white bean paste, glutinous rice, and are molded into various shapes and patterns to celebrate different holidays and seasons. The art of making Wagashi is a fusion of art and culinary skills, and this event provided us with the opportunity to master this craft.

We began by learning how to create the fundamental dough for Wagashi, then proceeded to make Wagashi in different shapes such as flowers, animals, and seasonal themes. Each participant expressed their creativity in crafting their unique Wagashi. The process was not only enjoyable but also demanded precision and patience, as every detail required meticulous attention.

After crafting the Wagashi, we indulged in the confections we had handcrafted. These delightful Japanese sweets not only allowed us to savor their unique flavors but also enabled us to gain a deeper understanding of Japanese culture and art. This event provided an experience that blended the art of cooking and culture, fostering stronger bonds among participants.

Wagashi making workshop not only allowed us to relish delicious treats but also introduced us to the charm of Japanese culture. It was a vibrant experience that made us appreciate the diversity of different countries and cultures while enhancing our culinary skills and artistic appreciation.

How to join us:

sign up sheet in orange market tableware

Time: 9:30 to 12:00 (2 hours plus)

Fee: $80

Date: Wednesday 5/15


Limited Spots Available

Location: Orange Market Tableware

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