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BIZEN YAKI 備前柴燒 Artisan Handmede ceramic Mug

BIZEN YAKI 備前柴燒 Artisan Handmede ceramic Mug

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  • Capacity: 250ml
  • Made in Japan
  • Care with hand wash

*Bizen ware pottery is made from local clay collected from rice fields after the autumn harvest. The top five inches of soil are removed, and the iron-rich fine clay underneath is used. The firewood used for firing is local red pine wood. Each piece of Bizen ware is unique due to the variations in clay from different fields. It is not glazed or painted, and the surface naturally develops ash deposits and fire marks, which are part of its charm.

The high iron content significantly enhances the taste of tea.

*Please note that small spots and cracks on the vessels are normal characteristics of wood-fired pottery and do not affect their use.

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