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Japan Made Chitose Wooden Handle Kettle 1.5L

Japan Made Chitose Wooden Handle Kettle 1.5L

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● Basic maintenance for copper products - 4 points:

  1. After use, apply dishwashing detergent and thoroughly wash off dirt with a soft sponge or similar item.
  2. Finish with a hot water rinse, thoroughly dry and store in a place with low humidity.
  3. In some cases, white stains may appear, which are caused by trace minerals in tap water that are not harmful to the human body.
  4. Damaging the surface can cause green rust to form. Do not use steel wool, polishing powder, etc.

● Removing green rust:

Apply a solution made by mixing equal parts salt and vinegar onto a cloth or sponge and scrub off the rust. Then, wash with dishwashing detergent. Additionally, you can use a soft sponge with cream cleanser to remove the rust.

● Removing burnt-on stains from copper pots:

If you need to remove burnt-on stains from the bottom of a pot, do not use hard metal objects. Instead, soak the pot in hot water to soften the burnt-on stains, then remove them.

● Removing black stains from copper pots:

When a copper pot is heated, the surface that comes into direct contact with the flame turns a dark color due to the formation of an oxide film on the copper surface, which has the effect of reducing the occurrence of green rust. Although the patina becomes deeper with use, if you want to restore the shine, you can use a specialized cleaner or a cream cleanser with fine particles and a soft cloth, and polish in one direction.

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