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Yamanaka Lacquerware - japan Handmade Tray

Yamanaka Lacquerware - japan Handmade Tray

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  • Made in japan
  • Size: 35.6×31.5cm
  • Material: resin / lacquer: urethane

Japanese Lacquerware is beautiful, lightweight and robust, a wonderful tableware for serving Japanese food. Especially Japanese Wooden lacquerware soup bowls retain heat and also block heat, so even if you serve hot food, the bowl itself will not get hot. Japanese lacquerware also has antimicrobial properties, a feature that is appreciated in modern life.

Yamanaka Lacquerware has a wide range of products, from standard soup bowls to chopsticks and coasters.Traditional Jubako (stacked boxes) and trays are essential to the presentation of Japanese cuisine. Yamanaka Lacquerware also offers one of its brands, Gatomikio, which has a wide variety of contemporary design items made of matte Fukiurushi (wiped lacquer) work, perfect for creating a contemporary dining table.

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