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KANEKO KOHYO RINKA “Pink” Flower Dessert Plate (17cm/7inch)

KANEKO KOHYO RINKA “Pink” Flower Dessert Plate (17cm/7inch)

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  • SIZE : W17cm
  • Material / component: porcelain /Mino Ware
  • Microwave/Dishwasher SAFE

Crafted by hand at the brand’s historic workshop in Japan, this plate from Kaneko Kohyo makes a striking addition to a rustic tabletop curation.

Preserving ancient artisanal techniques while also creating new traditions, Kaneko Kohyo combines originality and elegance within its handmade ceramic designs. Simple in style, these tabletop pieces offer a convivial approach to home dining. Each one is made from beautiful glazed porcelain, evoking the warmth and form of hand-moulded clay


Originally established at the peak of a small mountain near Toki City in the Gifu Prefecture of Japan back in 1921, Kaneko Kohyo continues to draw from its long and distinguished history of ceramics casting to create elegantly modern earthenware designs for the kitchen and table. After initially specialising in producing Buddhist and Shinto altar pieces, the family brand later became known for its signature tokkuri sake pouring bottles, before evolving into contemporary sleek tabletop designs.
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