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HASEGAWA Pro-PE Lite Black Wood Core Cutting Board - FPEL Series

HASEGAWA Pro-PE Lite Black Wood Core Cutting Board - FPEL Series

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  • The Hasegawa Pro-PE Lite Black Cutting Board from Japan is a professional-grade antibacterial chopping board with the following features:

    1. Design and Material: This cutting board features a new black design complemented by a white border and a silver hot-stamped logo, offering a stylish appearance. Its material is slightly harder than the FSR or FRK series, making it suitable for daily cutting tasks. Thanks to its wooden core structure, it is 30-50% lighter than typical plastic cutting boards, while being more durable and resistant to bending or warping.

    2. Antibacterial Function: The Hasegawa cutting board has been certified for safety by the Japanese SIAA Antibacterial Association, offering effective mold resistance and antibacterial properties. It is also certified to ISO22196 for antibacterial properties and is safe for use with bleach, enhancing its safety and hygiene.

    3. Usage and Maintenance: This board is dishwasher-safe, making it convenient for cleaning and maintenance. Its non-slip surface makes cutting ingredients easier. Due to its hardness, it is also suitable for light chopping tasks like fish bones in home kitchens。

    •  Hasegawa Pro-PE Lite Black Cutting Board is highly regarded by many professional chefs for its durability, antibacterial properties, and stylish design, making it highly suitable for everyday kitchen use.
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